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Mobile home maintenance tips

While mobile homes are generally easier to maintain than site-built homes, they still need care and attention. Regular maintenance is important in ensuring your safety and comfort, and it also retains the value of your home.

If you conduct maintenance on your mobile home once or twice a year, it will keep your home in great shape. If left unattended, minor issues can evolve into costly damages that require extensive repairs over time.

To help you out, here are some tips you can use to keep your mobile home in its top condition:

Inspect regularly

Like any other home, regular inspections and preventive maintenance are key to keeping your mobile home in top shape. When you attend to minor repairs before they turn into full-blown issues, it can save you time and resources in the long run.

Inspect the wood floor framing, windows, doors, roof, anchors and straps, I-beams, and masonry piers. Is the floor framing damaged or rotted? Are the beams rusted or bent? Are the masonry piers flush with the steel frame? These are some of the things you should look out for.

Keep your roof leak-proof

A secure roof is essential in keeping your home safe from the elements, especially rain and snow. If you have a leak, fix it as soon as possible. Aside from the roof, check the gutter, downspouts, and extensions for any damages and if they’re beginning to wear. To prevent leaks, regularly reseal or recoat your roof. Resealing it annually is ideal, as are yearly inspections.

Maintenance also depends on the type of roof. Metal roofing requires more frequent resealing than shingle roofing. Flat roofs, which mobile homes typically have, cannot withstand heavy loads of snow, so significant accumulations must be removed promptly.

Secure your home’s skirting

The skirting is a mobile home’s perimeter enclosure that acts to insulate your home and protect it from pests and the elements. If you begin to see any holes, repair them immediately before they get worse. Your home’s skirting should also have adequate ventilation to prevent mold growth and subsequent damage. Ideally, for every 150 square feet of space under your home, there should be one square foot of venting. You can check your mobile home’s manual for more specific guidelines on proper ventilation.

Keep your home leveled

Check your home annually to ensure that it is leveled. Mobile homes settle over time, and if it’s not balanced, a variety of issues can arise – the walls might start to crack, leaking might occur, and windows and doors might not properly shut. Before things go awry, you can easily check the alignment by using a carpenter’s level on various spots in your mobile home.

Know your plumbing

While somewhat different from site-built homes, the plumbing system of mobile homes also has a supply line, a drain line, ventilation, and shut-off valves. However, the pipes are located under the structure and through the roof, unlike in site-built homes wherein pipes are typically within the walls. Mobile home plumbing is usually equipped with plastic water lines and PVC piping.

Being familiar with your mobile home’s plumbing will prove useful in emergencies, such as when there are leaks or when you need to do repairs. All faucets and toilets typically have a shut-off valve, but if your home doesn’t have one, check if you can add valves. Make sure you know where the main shut-off valve is, so you can act quickly when the need arises.

Clean your siding

Regularly clean your siding to prevent mold growth on the exterior panel. For vinyl siding, diluted detergent is effective enough for cleaning. If you haven’t cleaned the siding in a while and there’s a stubborn layer of mildew, you can remove it with a 1:3 solution of bleach and water. Aside from mold, rust can also form on your home’s exterior. You can clean once a year or so to prevent long-term damage to the siding.

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