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Here’s how you improve your mobile home’s exterior design

Here’s how you improve your mobile home’s exterior design

You can change the windows of your mobile home to improve its look

Rather than sprawling lawns and unique architecture, mobile homes have a reputation for container-like layouts and limited outdoor space. It’s a modest canvas to start with, but not one without promise.

Little changes to a mobile home’s exterior can still have substantial and positive impact. Here are some things you can do to revitalize the home’s look.

  1. Spruce up your siding and skirting
  2. A diligent scrub and power washing can do wonders to the appearance of a mobile home’s siding and skirting. After the first rinse, you’ll be surprised at how much cleaner your home looks. Before you resume cleaning, inspect the exterior of the home closely. You’re looking for dents, cracks, and other signs of damage in the skirting and siding. Replace those sections – not only to improve the look of the home, but also to ensure that no underlying issues (like wood rot) will spread to the rest of the exterior.

    After making the necessary repairs and replacements, return the exterior to a pristine state with a coat of paint. Don’t forget to check your community’s guidelines on color before you paint. There might be a specific color palette in place for the whole neighborhood.

    You can play around with the skirting patterns to lend your mobile home a more individual look. Instead of settling for a plain pattern, consider options like a brick pattern, which borrows visual cues from the single-family home.

  3. Add outdoor living space
  4. As with all exterior projects, there may be some limitations here as well. But as long as you comply with existing HOA or community guidelines, you can make additions that can make your outdoor space feel cozy and inviting.

    A front porch is a popular build for mobile homeowners. It doesn’t require as much space as a deck and still offers the same benefits, like having the option to linger outside on a clear day with a cool drink in hand.

    If a front porch is too big a project, allocate space for a grill. A grill area with an outdoor furniture set lets you take your entertainment and leisure outside. This simple addition doesn’t cost much or require construction. It’s even possible to improve your outdoors within a day. All you need is the span of time it takes to buy the furniture and grill, load them into your car, and set them in your outdoor area.

  5. Cultivate a garden
  6. While there isn’t much space granted to mobile homes, you can still achieve stunning visuals with some creativity. Remember: landscaping boosts curb appeal. Keep grass trimmed to maintain a tidy exterior. And if you want a garden, you can have it. Choose potted plants and look into square foot gardening (a compact method of planting a vegetable garden on raised footbeds).

    While growing your garden, take care not to plant too close to the sides of the mobile home. Planting too can lead to foundation problems or a pest infestation as plants mature and grow past their original borders. Prune and trim regularly to keep growth in check.

    It’s also hard to go wrong with vertical-growing plants like vines. They can be grown on freestanding lattices and can serve as privacy screens. Don’t shy away from using them as architectural accents. They can lend the home extra charm and coziness.

  7. Install a new front door
  8. The style and state of the front door can change the whole exterior’s first impression. It’s no wonder that replacing it is one of the most popular home improvements. It also happens to recoup much of its initial cost.

    A new front door can make your home appear more modern even if you don’t do much with the rest of the exterior. Again, check community rules for any restrictions on color and style. If you’re allowed free rein, it’s a simple and instant way to make a statement.

    If your door still looks new and exists in harmony with your design wishes, see if you can upgrade the hardware. It’s a small change with a disproportionately large impact.

  9. Beautify your windows
  10. Windows are so integral to a home that minor changes to them can have lasting effects. The opposite – neglecting them entirely – also has an equal and unflattering effect. Are the windows of your mobile home looking lackluster? It’s probably time for a makeover. Take the following steps to bring them up to par:

    • Replace the caulking and trim to lessen heat loss and improve appearance
    • Replace them completely if you’re considering a different style or they’re irreparable
    • Install shutters over them for architectural accents and increased privacy
    • Put awnings up to shield the excessive heat, increase privacy, and provide shade

    While the tips above help mobile homeowners improve their property, you can also use them as a measuring stick while looking at properties if you’re renting a house for the first time.

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