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3 Easy Mobile Home Decorating Ideas

Mobile home decorating ideas

You’ve just rented a brand-new mobile home and you can’t wait to dive in and decorate it. However, if you’ve never lived in a manufactured home before, you may encounter new design challenges. 

Mobile homes may have small kitchens and bathrooms, as well as low ceilings, all of which you’ll need to keep in mind when thinking about your decorating plan. Don’t be daunted. Read on for three mobile home decorating ideas that will help you express your personal style and make the interior of your mobile home stand out. 

How to deal with low ceilings

Many mobile homes have ceilings that range from around six feet and six inches to seven feet. A room with limited ceiling height can appear smaller. 

However, you can work around this in the following ways: 

  • Paint your ceiling white, or a hue that’s several shades lighter than your wall color.
  • Lengthen your wall color by a couple of feet into the ceiling. This will make your walls look taller. 
  • Pick cool tones for your walls and ceilings. Shades of blue and green are cool tones that retreat from the eye, creating the impression that your space is larger than it actually is. 
  • When choosing furniture, go low instead of tall. Shorter bureaus and lamps will emphasize the room’s perimeter, instead of calling attention to the ceiling.
  • Hang full-length curtains and put up your art a bit higher than eye level. This can also help create the feeling of a higher ceiling.  

How to personalize the kitchen of your mobile home

Limited space can be a challenge in a mobile home kitchen. To save space, think vertical. Stack your storage and house appliances in vertical cubbies. To free up previous counter space, remove your microwave from the counter and store it in a cabinet. 

You can also save space by having multipurpose furniture. Invest in benches with storage, and watch out for sturdy stools that you can use as a table.

Show off your pretty plates by removing the doors from your upper kitchen cabinets. It will make your kitchen look more interesting while also making the room appear larger.

If you think your kitchen looks generic, you can simply update the pulls and handles of your cabinets. If you have the budget, you can look for new light fixtures for your kitchen. You can also paint your cabinets a new color, re-stain them, or even have them refinished. Revitalize old cupboard doors by swapping them out for fabric or glass. 

You can also personalize your kitchen counter. If you’re like a countertop that looks like real stone, simply paint your countertop with faux stone paint. Once the paint is dry, seal the countertop with a couple of layers of glossy polyurethane.  

If you like the look of subway tile, why not use it in your backsplash? Doing so will emphasize the perimeter of your kitchen and help create a larger sense of space.  

How to update the bathroom of your mobile home

There are a lot more mobile home remodeling tips for areas like the bathroom. Design tricks that you can use to make your bathroom appear larger include choosing a restful color like a soft pink, gray, or lilac for your bathroom. You can also buy matching towels and shower curtains. The repeated use of a single color can create an impression of a bigger space.

If you’re ready for a new sink, invest in one that is wall-hung, instead of buying a new vanity. A wall-hung sink can make your bathroom seem larger than its actual size. 

Get rid of bathroom clutter by storing your toiletries in a cabinet above your toilet. You can also put these in a rolling cart beneath your sink.  

Don’t forget your bathroom window. Make sure that your curtains let light in while still giving you some privacy. If you have a shallow windowsill, you can update it with a nice piece of tile, hardwood, or marble. Opt for an extra deep windowsill where you can put plants or other bathroom accessories. 

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